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Learn how to plant cannabis, get the best strains, treat it right - and otherwise how to set yourself up for a high-quality life in many other areas that may also include profound spiritual experiences. 


NOTE: This is a non-profit website with info and tips on how and why one should start planting and using medicinal cannabis from your own home.

Seeing as I am a writer I have chosen to use a particular style not necessarily typical of what you see online today (2018) both in form or content.

I could've made a Facebook page, an Instagram and YouTube account, and started tweeting to get your attention. But what the heck is wrong with just sharing information?

Shouldn't there be really more "pure," root-level (not top-distributed) information sharing and less "monetization" of these things?

You are more than your professional persona, don't forget that.

In probable future scenarios work as we know it will not exist, and depending on politcal choices of individual countries people will have plenty of time on their hands. The only way to go is to expand your consciousness. And when we get back our freedom by not having to work for food, house, education, health, and entertainment, then we will break through this last frontier as well. 

Start today by using the magical plant that makes the stuff we just call cannabis. 

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Mr. Free-Your-Mind, (

Somewhere on this planet, Sep. 16th 2018

You Are Not Your Body You Are Not Even Your Mind.


This is what this site is about:

"Learning how to grow cannabis plants"

I am learning by doing, and documenting everything here. 

Here's the second cannabis seed to break through this week, from the test batch of seven seeds:

This website is about growing cannabis from your home. It is changing as I go along - at the moment just keep scrolling down.

Last edit: September 16th 2018.

-->Check back daily, man. Monday the 17th is the first day of writing. More photos and text from the growing process to come.

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Day 1: 


What to do: Today I am placing seeds in water for 24 to 48 hours, and checking up on 7 seeds I have already planted as a test only. 

Comments: You need to germinate seeds for them to grow. Think about it as seeds are living things that are frozen/out on hold until you place them in water or any other growing medium.

People who are not used to plants or agriculture will be genuinely surprsed to see a plant raise up from a single seed that was either found in some shit cannabis you bought in a Latin-American working class area (only masculine plants have these seeds and masculine plants are considered bad, bad, bad. 

Low potency - not worth it.

This is why I am germinating around 40 seeds to end up with 6 good female plants.

I have placed the seeds that I found in some cannabis I bought into a glass of water, placed it in a drawer (for the dark) in a warm spot. Tomorrow I will place seeds that are opening up into kitchen towels to let them sprout out for some days. 

Then - place into earth.

Day 1 Diary Entry:

Why is it illegal in most countries, to plant and use cannabis? This is a question worth thinking about. You will see that we need much less of the laws that restrict us - and most people want more freedom too; this is a trend quite simply.

We refuse being slaves letting other people tell us what to do, you probably agree. So why would we accept so many of the ideas that are in place simply because they've been around for some time?

I first tried cannabis when I was 19 years old. Coming from Northern Europe in the 1990s hash was the only cannabis available. It has been treated to be more potent and to be easier to smuggle. 

My first cannabis experience was truly giant. Two of my friends and I, in college, did some afghan in a home made bong of toilet paper rolls. 

Two of them.

The trip lasted for hours and since we decided to go into the town centre while tripping we managed to get lots of great sense data for our hash infested brains change around a little. It was fun to see the world with new, strange glasses.

Today I am grateful for my first experience being quite strong as this made me seek these type of highs later for a more profund experience.

I currently live in the southern hemisphere where hash is less common and of poorer quality then what is needed. Another argument for legalization.

Let me just say that I much prefer the southern hemisphere because of the climate. I get 300 days of sun here. Average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius. This means gardening is viable, and the perspective is that you may grow food for yourself. 

I am planning a small roof top garden where I may plant a few banana trees, mango, herbs, orchids, medicinal plants like rosemary, thyme, etc.

And cannabis.